We want to have an amazing time with those closest to us, you! So, we've made a few changes and are going to do our best to work with the resort and keep everyone safe and healthy. But of course, these are challenging times and everyone has varying comfort levels so if you aren't comfortable attending due to the current situation please know that we completely respect your decision and won't take it personally (at all)!

Our Precautions

- We've decided to reduce the number of guests we're inviting to make sure we can still celebrate with those closest to us while limiting the risk of exposure.

- Our ceremony, cocktail hour and reception will be held at outdoor venues.

- We plan to buy the Ellume covid-19 at home rapid test for each of our guests once it becomes available and will ask that every guest takes the test right before our ceremony to ensure everyone present is negative. This is the first FDA approved COVID-19 at home test, you'll get the result on your phone within 20 minutes, it's 96% effective and you can read more about it here:

- We've cut out a few activities/events before and after our wedding day to reduce everyone's risk of exposure.

- Although Costa Rica doesn't require a negative COVID-19 result to enter the country (more on their requirements below), we recommend that you take a COVID-19 test and receive a negative result before your flight to make sure you're all good!

Resort's Precautions

Here's what our resort (Andaz Costa Rica Resort At Peninsula Papagayo) is doing to help reduce the risk:

- Requiring all guests to drop off their luggage at check in for it to be fully sanitized by staff before bringing it to your room.

- All guests are required to wear masks when moving around the property - they can be taken off when you're stationary (at the pool/beach/restaurant...).

- Everyone will need to keep their masks on until seated at our ceremony/reception.

- Here's their 'Care & Cleanliness Commitment':

Costa Rica Travel Requirements

At this time, Costa Rica does not require a negative COVID-19 result for entry but you will need a negative test result to get back into the U.S. (see more on that below). Here is what Costa Rica requires for everyone entering the country:

Online Form:

- Everyone entering Costa Rica is required to fill out the HEALTH PASS form. It's online, free to complete and can only be filled out 48 hours prior to your arrival to Costa Rica. Here's the link to complete the form:


- Costa Rica also requires everyone who enters to get Traveler’s Medical Insurance (this is to cover you in case you become sick and need to quarantine in Costa Rica + medical expenses). The cost of the insurance depends on how many people you're traveling with, the cost and length of your trip but insurance costs start at $10.60. Our resort recommends going through ( to get your insurance online and their staff speak English if you have any questions!

Getting Back Into The U.S.

The U.S. requires everyone coming back into the country to receive a negative PCR COVID-19 test result within 3 day of their flight back (so the Ellume rapid test we mentioned earlier will not get you back into the country). Unless you are traveling back and forth within 3 days... more on this below. More info on all guidelines can be found here:

- The only way to avoid needing to get tested in Costa Rica is if you get a COVID test while still in the U.S. and have your return flight to the U.S. 3 days or less after taking this test. So, if you take the test on Friday afternoon, and fly in on Saturday morning, and have a return flight on Monday morning, you won't need to be tested in Costa Rica.

- The Resort provides testing (for a fee) to all guests so they don't need to travel to a hospital to get tested. They are able to offer all of our wedding guests the test at the resort even if you choose not to stay at the resort (woo!)

- Timing: the PCR test currently takes 48-72 hours to process and since a negative result is needed before you board your flight back, it's really important to get the timing right. We're happy to coordinate this with the resort on your behalf so please let us know the flight information for your returning flight and we will speak with the resort so they can let us know when you should come in for your COVID-19 test so the result can be ready on time.

- Cost: the test will cost $150

- Our resort put together a sheet outlining entry/exit requirements for Costa Rica and the U.S. here:

General Travel Recommendations

Here are a few tips we've come across to make your travel as safe as possible!

- Wear a more protective mask (medical / N-95...) or double mask.

- We've noticed that people drink more on evening flights and more drinking = less masks... so traveling during less busy times of the day may be better.

- Out of the airlines flying to Costa Rica, these are most COVID-compliant: Jetblue, Delta, Alaska Airlines, British Airways, Emirates and Westjet .